Photos of Jacob by Snider Photo and Design

Here are some of the first photos from Jacob’s photo session with Russell Snider of Snider Photo and Design. We were lucky enough to get Russell and his wife to photograph our wedding over two years ago. We love his work so much that when the time finally came to take Jacob’s first professional photos, of course we asked Russell. We cannot recommend Snider Photo and Design enough. Click the link below to view more of the photos taken by Russell.


More photos of Jacob by Snider Photo and Design

Happy 3 week birthday!

Jacob is now three weeks old and growing every day. I am amazed by how he is slowly changing. His face looks fuller and he is definitely getting heavier. He looks more like his daddy now, and I struggle to see what features of mine he has. I think we determined he has part of my nose.

Life is slowly settling into a routine. Most of what we do centers around when Jacob needs to eat or when we think he will be asleep. I try to get at least one nap in each day, but it isn’t always easy. He sometimes had a hard time staying asleep, but we are learning what works. Last night he had a long three and a half (almost 4) hour stretch of sleep! I actually woke up before he did to feed him.

It was hard sometimes the first few weeks, but I love my new life and routine. He is asleep in my arms and all is right with the world šŸ™‚


Jacob is 2 weeks old

Today marks Jacobs second week in the outside world. It is hard to believe that it has been two weeks since he was born. It really does not feel that long. He is growing fast. He already feels a little heavier and he certainly looks a little bigger than his first day with us. Time is flying by so fast.

Gone are the days when Valerie and I could simply make last minute plans and head to dinner or go to a movie. Things take five times longer now. A simple thing like going to the grocery store with Jacob in tow takes much more time than it used to. However, it is all worth it. Jacob’s little face is the first thing that I want to go see in the morning after I wake up. He is worth every sleepless night. He is worth every ear piercing cry. He is worth every poopy diaper change. He is worth everything to us. He is one of the best things to ever happen to us.

It is still hard to believe that he is ours. I don’t think it has really hit us yet. It’s not like he is visiting us. He is ours for the rest of our lives. That just blows my mind. He is our son.

We are learning as we go. Daddy is taking a little longer to learn than mommy. We make mistakes and try to help each other through them. After all, he is our little miracle. He is our little blessing. I can’t even figure out how we used to get along without him.


Growing baby boy

Jacob had his first doctor’s visit today, and is gaining weight like a champ. Babies usually lose some of their birth weight in the first few days of life, and get back to it by two weeks old. Jacob was born 6 lbs 7 oz and went down to 5lbs 13 oz when he came home. Today he is at 6 lbs 4 oz! I am so proud of my boy. He cried through the whole appt, but he checks out as a healthy baby.

Happy 1st Mother’s Day

Happy 1st Mother’s Day to my amazing wife Valerie. Six days ago, our baby boy Jacob was born. Since then, despite recovering from the delivery, Valerie has been working hard to make sure that our son is taken care of. Lack of sleep or time to herself has not swayed her.

She is already an amazing mother and Jacob is so very lucky to have her as a mother. I love her so much and I know Jacob does as well.

In love with another man!

I now have two favorite men in my life! My son is the most precious little baby, and I couldn’t love David more for helping me create this little miracle. We are incredibly blessed and enjoying each and every second (even the hard ones).

So, having Jacob didn’t happen exactly as I imagined it would. It was a challenging, scary experience with the decision to have a cesarean section but I know my doctor was only suggesting what would be best for both the baby and me. While I wish things could have been different, the end result was the same. I have a gorgeous, healthy son who, despite being only two days old, has completely become the center of my world. I am so grateful for having my little family grow by one. As we look towards taking baby Jacob home, I pray every night that we have a smooth transition to our new life together.

Baby Bonilla finally has a name!

It took us a long time to decide. What is funny is that we ended up with the name that we had originally picked so long ago.

Please welcome Jacob David Bonilla, who was born at 9:30 PM on Monday, May 6, 2013. He weighed in at 6 lbs 7 oz and measured 20 inches in length. Feel free to call him Jacob, Jake, JD, or even Baby Gilroy (family inside joke).

Jacob cannot wait to meet you all.

Baby Bonilla is here!

Baby Bonilla was born yesterday, May 6th, at 9:30 PM. He weighed in at 6 lbs 7 oz and measured 20 inches from head to toe. Mom and baby are doing great and dad is as happy as can be.

And yup, he has no official name yet, although it is down to two choices. We figured it would be a game time decision, but when the hospital said that there was no rush — well — we decided not to rush.



Our day so far

Valerie woke me up this morning around 4 AM because she was feeling contractions and her water had started to break. We casually got ready and waited around for a bit.

A little after 6:30 AM, we called the hospital to see if we should come in because her contractions were getting stronger. Since her water had started to break, they said yes. However, before we went in, we went to McDonalds because Valerie wanted a McMuffin.

We got to the hospital around 7:15 AM. They checked her out and said, “yup, you are gonna stay.”

A little after 8:30 AM, they moved us to a new room. Later on, there were some complications, but it looked like things had cleared up.

They set up Valerie’s epidural for the pain and around 7:30 PM, we learned that the baby may be on his cord, which can cause complications.

At 9 PM, they made the decision to do a C Section to get baby out. Mom was so scared and nervous, but she was as amazing as she always is. We just prayed during the surgery and soon enough, we heard the cries of our son.

Mommy and baby are doing well. Our son’s name will be announced soon.

I remember …

… when your mom first told me about you. I was playing with Chalupa outside and she surprised me with the news. It was proof that sometimes wishes do come true.

… the first time I heard your heartbeat. At first, I took the doctor’s word for it because I did not know what I was hearing. However, I soon figured out which sound was you.

… praying for you and your mom every night. You two mean the world to me.

… the first time I saw you. There you were on a screen in black and white. I never wanted to protect something so small more than that moment.

… finding out you were a boy but just being happy that you were healthy.

… the discussions about your name and narrowing the choices down to a few. Then we decided it would be a game time decision and we would wait to see which name fit you best.

… telling both of your grandparents about you. They were so happy that you were joining our family.

… the first time I felt you. I was on vacation with your mom in Pismo Beach and listening to her tummy. You kicked me in the ear.

… how happy your mom was to see you during your second ultrasound. To see you moving around filled our hearts with joy.

… seeing you move for the first time while looking at your mom’s tummy. It was so surreal and I am pretty sure it was a foot or an elbow.

… your mom working so hard to make sure she was healthy while carrying you. She is one of the strongest women I know.

… getting your nursery ready for your arrival. I had no idea that something so little could need so much.

No matter what, you will be loved. We can’t wait to show you how much.

Baby Bonilla has his own schedule

Sometime in the second half of this pregnancy I had a feeling that our little man would come on Cinco de Mayo. I guess he is already starting to prove me wrong! I know I have no control over when he wants to make his appearance, but it sure was nice to sit back and dream!

Now that time is winding down, and while I should be focused on the task of labor and delivery, I can’t help but think of all the things I will soon be able to eat without worrying about my blood sugar levels! While having gestational diabetes was probably the best thing that could have happened for my pregnancy (didn’t end up gaining to much weight or needing any insulin), it came with lots of difficulties. I had to learn how to poke my finger and test my blood 4 times a day, learn how to count carbs and find the right balance in my diet, avoid all the delicious treats that a pregnant woman SHOULD be able to indulge in, and make sure I got off my booty and exercise every single day. It was tough, and not without a few tears, but I made it!

This whole pregnancy has been an amazing experience. I have learned so much about myself, about my relationship with David, about family, and about faith. I am grateful for every second I have had where it is just me and baby. He has grown so much inside me, and to see his face will be to know a miracle of God. I will keep focusing on that thought to get me through this next step, and to sustain me as we begin the journey into parenthood.

We are getting very close

Leaving church this afternoon, pastor Gary pulled us aside to ask us how the pregnancy was going. That was funny because his sermon today actually made a comparison to pregnancy. He asked us when the due date was and we said the 12th — so basically — any day now.

Then he asked if he could pray for the baby. I had been thinking about emailing him and asking him to say a prayer for our child, so of course we said yes. He led us in a very nice prayer asking for a healthy baby and a smooth pregnancy.

A big portion of today’s church message was about doubt in God. Everyone has doubt at some point due to life’s little curveballs thrown at you. Valerie and I have had our own encounter with doubt. However, I think that we have rebounded and come back stronger than ever.

So as Baby B’s debut quickly approaches, it was so nice to have our pastor pray for him and us. It really meant a lot to us. He even asked for us to keep him in the loop, which also meant a lot. We can’t wait to introduce him to family, friends, and to our church.

I keep thinking about our baby and how lucky he is. Not because he will have us as parents — I honestly am not sure that I will have any idea what I am doing — but because he will already be more well off than so many others. Times are tough for so many people. Our prayers are always with those that are struggling, but at the same time, Valerie and I are very thankful for what we have. Our child will have professionals helping his parents through his birth. He will ride home in a perfectly functioning new car. He will have a brand new bed and room to sleep in. He will not know starvation. He will have clothes. Hopefully, he will never know what it is like to be homeless. And most importantly — he will always have a family who loves him and will do anything for him.

We will make sure to show him how lucky he is and, when he is a bit older, we will teach him to help those around him who may not be so lucky.

Had our first “trial run” of labor!

Last night I was having some discomfort with some contractions. I mostly ignored them (not too painful) but suggested to David that we try timing them to “practice”. Imagine my surprise when they were coming every 3 minutes on the dot! It was right before bed, so I was getting ready to try and sleep around them when David was already putting on his pants and loading the car. I figured that if they were coming that frequently and I could feel them, we might as well go get it checked out.

So, off to Torrance Memorial Hospital we went with no traffic or issues. The staff was really nice and I felt fine so we put me on the monitors to see what was going on. I did have regular contractions that got a bit stronger, but there was no progress in dilation. So, after a little over an hour there we packed up and headed back home.

I guess Baby B was just keeping us on our toes for now! I was able to sleep and now David and I have a better idea of what to expect when we have to go for the real thing. So today I am planning on just seeing where the day leads. If I do start feeling those contractions again, at least now I know that it isn’t the main event until it REALLY hurts.