The homestretch: 38 weeks

It feels like we have turned the last corner and the finish line is in sight. We could not be more excited. Baby B was even kind enough to wait until after the NFL Draft, which is my busiest time of the year. So I owe him one for that.

As usual, Valerie has been amazing. She really is an amazing woman. I mean, think about it. First off, she can put up with me. She deserves an award for that alone. Add to that the fact that she is growing my child in her and lugging him around everywhere she goes, and I can’t help but appreciate her so much.

Right now, she is cooking me a pecan pie, which is my favorite, for my birthday dinner with her family tonight. By the way, you either like pecan pie or you are wrong. Anyways, she did not have to do that, especially at this stage in her pregnancy, but she wanted to. Last night, she ventured out to a birthday dinner with friends which Baby B’s uncle Kevin organized. I’d like to say that we are so blessed to both have such amazing friends. Her friends and mine. The night before, she took me out to the movies. She said that she still feels good and does not feel uncomfortable like many woman say when they are as pregnant as her, but I would not blame her for just saying, “I just want to stay home and lay on the couch.” Not her. She is a strong woman.

Just like we learned in church today, whatever the master plan is, we are right on schedule.


38 weeks out of 40

Today marks my 38th week of pregnancy. As long as that sounds, it feels like it has gone by so fast! I guess that is because I know there is only one more milestone to get through, so days of pregnancy updates are limited. Now it is all about the tiny human who is about to come in to the world.

I feel incredibly lucky to not be one of those miserable pregnant ladies who is trying to do all she can to get labor started. I have had so much energy and can still get around pretty easily. I hope that means baby wants to stick around with me a little longer cause I have been providing a good home. Maybe things will change in the next 14 days until my due date, but for now I will continue to feel grateful.

I think we are as ready as we are going to be for our little man to come home. I am so looking forward to just seeing his face! I know we could have done the 3D ultrasound thing, but since we already found out he’s a boy we might as well have SOME sense of surprise. Will he have my nose and David’s eyes? Will he have a full head of hair? Will he be a quiet baby or keep us up all day and night? So much to learn about this baby, it will be so exciting to get to know him.

Baby B’s room is almost ready

There are just a few odds and ends to complete, but Baby B’s room is nearing completion. We hope he likes it. And if he doesn’t … he is a baby and can’t tell us so it doesn’t matter.

We’re ready when you are Baby B.


Full Term

Today I am 37 weeks pregnant, which is considered full term! I can’t believe we have made it all the way to the end. So now it is sit and wait for baby to make his arrival. I do feel like my body is starting to prepare for the work ahead. I have been more tired lately, and feeling odd sensations (twinges and stretching). I think the nesting instinct is starting to kick in too, since I have been so distracted with wanting to get everything ready. Thankfully my family has been amazing at offering their help.

I also made it to the last major event at work. It was my goal to make it to this point, and I did it! Now I will focus on wrapping up any projects I can, and training my temporary replacement. It feels good to be winding down so I can try to enjoy the last moments of my pregnancy.

To top it all off, I have the most amazing, dedicated, loving husband. He is so excited to meet his baby boy, and does all he can to make life easier for the both of us. Today I came home to see more decoration put up in the baby’s room, and the monitor ready to go. Last night he did some laundry for me too! I am incredibly lucky to have my soul mate with me on this incredible journey.

Movin’ and groovin’

It’s so strange watching Valerie’s stomach and seeing it bulge, move and reshape itself. Baby B sure is getting active in there. That makes me think that I should probably pack my bag soon for the hospital since we will be there 2 days plus however long labor takes. Valerie pretty much has hers ready to go. Baby’s stuff will probably go in one of ours. Maybe he is getting ready to show himself soon. We are so excited.

36 weeks — ready and waiting

Val hit the 36 week mark over the weekend. We had our weekly doctor appointment on Monday and things are looking good. She is measuring well and baby’s heartbeat is strong. The nurse said that we are now at a point where at any point from here on out, the baby being born would be ok. Meaning, he would be perfectly healthy being born at any point now. However, Val wants him to cook a little more. Hopefully he does not decide to be born during the NFL Draft. LOL.


Here we are picking up a few extra items on Monday at Buy Buy Baby.

Team Bonilla!

We checked the mail today after we got home from the baby shower and my surprise for Valerie had shown up. Baby B already has tons of clothes, but this one has to be one of my favorites now because I had it made myself. Valerie loved it.


Thank you for our baby shower!

We want to thank everyone who joined us for our baby shower today! Thank you to our family and friends for making it out to help us celebrate all things Baby Bonilla. We are blessed to have such great family and friends and we had an amazing time. Thank you to Valerie’s family who went above and beyond, opening their home to everyone and setting everything up for the event.


Baby’s second video: Still a boy!

On Monday, I was unable to go with Valerie to her doctor’s appointment which featured another quick ultrasound. I was devastated that I had to miss it. However, her mother was nice enough to accompany her and get some video for me to see. The nurse says that Baby B is still a boy. Just making sure!

Baby pointed in the right direction

At today’s doctor appointment I got a very quick ultrasound to check on baby’s position. His head is down and everything is looking good! It is a huge relief to know that everything is progressing as it should. Only a little under 5 weeks to go!

Crazy pregnant women? Not here

Y’know, I have heard a lot of stories prior to Valerie getting pregnant. 3 AM cravings. Hormonal arguments or breakdowns. All kinda of wackiness. Ok, I know Valerie is not done yet, but at almost 35 weeks, she almost is. I must say, Valerie has been an absolute delight during this pregnancy. My mind was prepared for the worst. From a guy’s perspective, I don’t have one complaint about this pregnancy. If anything, it has probably brought us closer together.

I credit a lot of this to Valerie’s strength. She is one of the strongest, most mentally sound individuals that I know. She is just as organized and prepared for things as she ever was. Her husband on the other hand … well … we won’t talk about him here.

Valerie is going to make an excellent mother. I know this for a fact. Her kindness and love are so strong that Baby B will know he is part of a happy home. Myself? Well, I’ll just try not to be the weak link in all of this. I’m sure I will be a fine father, but compared to Valerie, I have a lot to live up to. She is just amazing.

Hello Cantaloupe!

So I will probably be a new fruit next week, but baby is now the size of a large cantaloupe. He should be about 15-19 inches long and a little over 5lbs. Wow, he’s getting big!! At the last doctor’s appointment, the nurse practitioner said my belly is growing right on track. Lets hope baby stays a reasonable size!

Tonight I went to my first breast feeding class. I really enjoyed the teacher and learned so much already. I feel it was way more useful than the newborn baby care and childbirth classes. It also left me feeling a bit more empowered and not as nervous about not getting it right away.

The next few weeks are going to be incredibly busy at home and at work. We are meeting different pediatricians to see who would be the best doctor for our baby. We have different items to purchase. We are also trying to fit in some fun time while we still can. Add to that all the other things going on in our lives and I will be one pooped pregnant lady soon enough. But I still feel like I can keep it up.

I picked up all my maternity leave paperwork from my work’s human resources. I am looking forward to (hopefully) having at least a week or two before my due date to transition into a different state of mind. I just hope baby doesn’t want to come too early!! I know it is possible, but I just want him to have plenty of time to finish cooking. I want to enjoy these last weeks of pregnancy (despite the discomfort) and be ready to welcome him to his happy home.

Almost there — 34 weeks

Over the weekend, Valerie hit 34 weeks. We are getting close. Baby’s room is coming together and the baby shower is coming up soon. Valerie is trying to stay healthy with walks after every meal. Things are going well and we can’t wait to meet our little guy. Below is a picture taken on Sunday, March 31. I toyed with the idea of posting a “We are having twins” post here on April Fools Day. LOL.