Baby Bonilla’s first clothes

Yeah. Our baby will be representin’. We found out Val was pregnant back in January. It was a week before our trip to San Francisco to watch the 49ers and Saints play in the second round of the playoffs. Right when we landed (the day before the game), I was insistent that we immediately go to The Shops at Tanforan‎ in San Bruno to look for baby 49ers clothes. The two sets to the left, which include three 49ers onesies, two 49ers beanies, a 49ers bib and booties, came from there. The little jacket and sweat pants came from Target in San Lorenzo. They are adorable.

When walking back to our car from The Shops at Tanforan with the baby clothes in hand, it finally really hit me for the first time how real it was. That was my first truly emotional moment. The second was seeing and hearing my baby’s heartbeat last week.

For our Bay Area friends who eventually see this, yes, we already knew Val was pregnant at this game. That is why she did not drink at the tailgate (anyone notice that?). The words on the fan towel I am holding seemed very appropriate.

A lime

Our baby has upgraded in size … to the size of a lime. Baby Bonilla is getting bigger. Val is now just over 10 weeks along. She is still feeling the discomforts of early pregnancy, but she is being strong.

Baby’s first pictures

I know it does not look like much right now and that it kind of looks like a strange gummy bear, but this is our baby. First we saw the outline and then we saw a fast little flutter, which the technician identified as the heart. Then she let us hear the heartbeat. It was amazing. I must admit, I started to tear up a bit. Of course, it is entirely possible that something may have been in my eyes, right?

I wanted to ask Valerie, “How are you doing this?! You are like magic! You can create people!” It was the first visual proof we had that our baby was in there. When I first saw the little gummy bear, it all kind of hit me how real this really was. It was joyous, inspiring, overwhelming, and even a little scary all wrapped into one incredible moment that will live with me forever.

What a great and emotional one-year anniversary we had today. This picture was a great gift. And the photo was on paper! That’s the traditional one-year gift, right?

The Amazing World of Pregnancy

At 9weeks, 3days, it is easy to imagine that I am pregnant. Day after day of feeling queasy and pants not fitting quite the same are my biggest clues. However, it seemed just like an imaginary thing. Something I know to be true, but still find hard to believe.

That is, until today. David and I saw our little gummy bear this afternoon, and it was pretty incredible! With one wave of her magic wand, the ultrasound tech showed me a new life. One with a strong, real, heartbeat. That little flutter and quick lub-dub made me realize exactly what was going on here.

There is a person growing inside me!! It is so crazy! Whoever he or she is, this baby is loved so much! Even though seeing the baby didn’t magically cure my nausea, or erase my tiredness, I have a bit more resolve that I can get through it all just for that tiny fluttering heart.

Valerie is boring

And that is a good thing according to the doctor. We had our first doctor visit and he said that because she has no prior conditions, allergies or anything like that, she is the best kind of patient — the boring kind. And that is great for the baby. The first doctor appointment went well and everything looks good. Thanks to my book (Dad’s Pregnant Too!), I knew what to expect so there was nothing too surprising for me.

Oh, and the doctor said that I shouldn’t gain any more than 25 pounds … oh wait … he may have been talking about Val.

Finally told the Gonzales side

We finally had a good opportunity to tell Val’s immediate family. So they are pretty happy about the news. It was so great to finally share everything with them. Baby Bonilla is loved even more now.

Tomorrow is our first doctor appointment

We can’t wait. The first appointment falls on our one-year wedding anniversary. I read in my book (Dad’s Pregnant Too!) what to expect at the first appointment. So hopefully that has prepared me a little bit. We shall see. It should be very interesting.

A letter to our baby

I don’t know if you will ever read this. Maybe you will one day. It’s funny. Other than a line on a stick, a smiley face on another, and your mommy’s nausea, we have no real proof that you actually exist. We know you exist, but we have no physical proof — other than what is happening to your mommy. Despite this, it may be comforting to know how much you are already loved.

You are loved so much by your mommy and myself. You are loved so much by grandma and grandpa Bonilla. You are their first grandchild. You are loved so much by auntie Linda. Soon, grandma and grandpa Gonzales will know about you and then you will be loved even more. Soon you will have other aunts and uncles who will know of your existence as well and they will all love you. All this — and you are still just a little prune in your mommy’s tummy (or close enough to it).

I’m not going to say it has been easy for your mommy so far. She does not feel well most of the time. That’s not your fault. It is common during the early portion of a pregnancy. However, no matter how bad she feels, she just has to think of you and the thought of seeing you for the first time and that helps her get through it.

I’d like to tell you a little about your mommy. She has all of the traits that make up a wonderful mother. She is kind, intelligent, compassionate, and loving. In fact, if you ever have any questions about the world, I suggest you go to your mommy. She is more likely to know the answers. She is also very funny with a little bit of dorky sprinkled in — in a good way. She is the most perfect match for me. I wanted you to know this so you know that you are coming into a loving home.

I’m doing my best to take care of your mommy while she is carrying you. I am trying to make sure she eats right and knows that, no matter what, she has my support. It is my mission to do what is best for you and your mommy. When it comes to that, nothing and no one will ever stand in my way. You two are too important to me. You two keep me going. You make make me want to work harder to ensure that you are provided for.

We are looking forward to meeting you and cannot wait to bring you home. Your due date seems so far away, but I am sure it will get here soon enough. Soon, I will be able to hold you in my arms and tell you all of these things in person.

Baby prune

Val just read to me that our baby is now the size of a prune and is growing rapidly this week. Bones are starting to form and his/her stomach is even producing digestive juices. Teeth will even start to form under the gums, but obviously won’t be visible until well after the birth.

Val still does not feel well, but hopefully that passes.

An olive

No longer a raspberry, Val informs me that our baby is now the size of an olive. All this according to her iPhone app.

Can’t wait to meet you little olive. You are growing fast.

Our first appointment has been pushed back

We were getting pretty excited that our first doctor’s appointment was right around the corner. But I guess the doctor’s office had to reschedule so it was pushed back. I guess we will have to wait a bit to see our little raspberry … or whatever size it will be by then.

Not much else going on at the moment. Just trying to keep Val comfortable and little-by-little, trying to read my “Dad’s Pregnant Too!” book. Gotta be prepared for whatever Val throws at me.

A raspberry

A raspberry. That’s a decent size now, no? Why am I talking about a raspberry? Because according to my wife, that is the size of our baby now.

I remember when she said it was the size of a poppy seed. That seemed too small to be significant. I mean, that is really really small.

Then it was the size of an orange seed. Bigger, but still small.

Then she said it was the size of a blueberry. That size had some significance.

Now? The baby is the size of a raspberry. It is growing really fast. Seems like it was just yesterday that it was a poppy seed.