First Dodgers game


Jacob had another milestone this past weekend. On Saturday, he attended his very first Dodgers game at Dodger Stadium with mom, dad, and grandma and grandpa Gonzales.

The second we pulled him out of the car, he looked around with a “what the heck is this place?” look on his face. As we walked toward and into the stadium, he was fascinated by everything around him.

However, his favorite part had to be the food. His first trip to Dodger Stadium including his first taste of a legendary Los Angeles delicacy — a Dodger dog. Maybe not the greatest hot dog in the world, but you pair it with the history and experience that is Dodger Stadium, and it sure is tough to beat.

Other tasty delights on the menu for Jacob included a pretzel, which he shared with dad and a chocolate malt, which he shared with mom. The malt was probably his favorite. He is his mother’s child.

He was really good and well behaved during the game. Other than getting a little scared when the crowd erupted in cheers after big plays, he enjoyed taking in everything around him and relaxing at the ballpark. And there were bubbles floating through the air after big plays. He loves bubbles and spotted them faster than we did. He enjoyed walking up and down the isle stairs, making smiles at one of the women near us, making dad chase him through the concourse, and he lasted a lot longer than we thought he would. By the end of the seventh inning, he was looking tired so we left. He was fast asleep by the time we hit the 110.

All in all, it was a great experience. Not only for him, but mom and dad. Thanks to grandma and grandpa Gonzales for tagging along.

By the way, the Dodgers are 1-0 in games where Jacob was in attendance. Just sayin’.


Toddler says what?

As Jacob grows up, it is so much fun watching him learn new things. He has been talking for a while now. Most of what he says, we understand what he means. He is saying words — that kind of sound like the words that he means — or close enough to them. He has been doing this for a while now. Of course there is “Ma ma” and “Da da” there. And there is only one full word that he says regularly … which is actually in spanish. Go figure. Anyways, here is a list of the vocabulary of Jacob.

Ma Ma – Mommy.

Da Da – Daddy. Also said for anything he is not sure what to call it.

Moo – This can mean either moon or milk. He uses it for both.

Bah – Ball, bye, and … wait for it … grandpa. Grandpa Gonzales that is.

Tah – Stars. Said with a whisper.

TAAAAH – Toes. Said louder and with more excitement.

Ta Ta – Turtle. Usually said while staring outside the window looking for our pet Tortoise, Chalupa.

Uh Ooooh – Means exactly what it sounds like.

Nyuh Nyuh – Dillon. His big cousin.

Wah Wah – Water. However, he has started saying “agua” as well.

Daaah – Done.

Nah Nah – Banana.

Also want to note that when we say any of the following, he points to the correct body part: Nose, mouth, head, ears, eyes, toes, belly button

He also knows sign language for “more.” Usually referring to food.

We love watching him learn new things and new words/sounds. Also, he got his second haircut this week since it has been so hot and he has been a little sick. We figured this was a good time for it since it would help cool him off.


Life with a toddler

No doubt about it, Jacob is a growing toddler. He may be short and still fitting in 12 (and some 9) month clothes, but he is growing, developing and changing every day. It amazes me at how smart he is. He tries to do so many things that I thought were too advanced for him. He loves feeding himself with a spoon (or spork), and manages to get most of it in his mouth. He likes helping me pull on or off his shirt during changes. He knows that Chalupa lives outside and he is always looking for her so he can feed her a flower. He loves putting his crayons back in the box. Yesterday he was swiping through pictures in my phone. And now we are getting word that the daycare wants to move him up to the bigger toddler room.

His personality is changing too. He knows what mommy and daddy can do to make him laugh and tries to get us to do it (particularly my alien face hugger impression). He gets upset when he doesn’t get his way. He looks concerned when another kid or baby is crying.

Jacob is growing so much that I have to stop every so often and appreciate each moment. He may be so much bigger tomorrow. And our love for him will grow to match.


Our 16 month old little man


Jacob turned 16 months old today. Not a milestone or anything, but to us it is still remarkable to see how quickly he is growing. It seems like it was just yesterday that he was stumbling after taking his first steps. Now, we are having a hard time keeping up with him. And he is smart. Sometime we can’t believe how smart he is. From problem solving to trying to manipulate mom and dad with fake cries. Still, we love each and every day with him and we treasure each moment. Jacob has enriched our lives so much. It’s amazing how much joy he has brought to us and our family.

He spent the day at the Lomita Fair, a celebration in a neighboring town. As always, he took everything in with the same sense of wonder and curiosity that we have come to love.

Happy 16 month birthday little man. I can’t wait to see what the rest of 2014 brings you.