Jacob never ceases to amaze me

Jacob on the swings

So we were just sitting at the dinner table enjoying our food. Jacob was mumbling something – as he often does. We didn’t think much of it until Valerie recognized that one of the mumbles was the name of a month.

It turns out, he had been naming the months of the year. The kid is two! Two! Look, this is my first experience with this, but this seems amazing to me. Maybe there are a bunch of two year olds out there running around saying the months of the year for fun. I don’t know. There is no way I was doing that at two. I was probably trying to avoid running into walls or something. He must get it from Valerie. 

The amazing thing to me was that he was saying them in order. I was floored, flabbergasted, and any other past tense verb you want to throw out there. I asked him if he knew how to do calculus too. Come April, he’s doing my taxes. 

He really is learning a lot at his school. We are so happy that he is there. So far, he knows his months, can count to 39, say his ABCs, knows all his colors, knows the days of the week, knows his shapes (including octagon – seriously?!), and much more. We’re glad he loves learning. 

Valerie at 24 weeks and counting

While Jacob hits milestones like going potty in his potty chair for the first time, our newest addition, due in early January, continues to grow, grow, and grow.

I had the pleasure of feeling a little flutter already while resting my hand on Valerie’s stomach. I have yet to feel the full on kick that I first felt with Jacob when he was around the same age.

Baby is moving around and kicking though. Soon we will start looking at getting his room ready. We can’t wait to introduce ourselves to him.


24 weeks

Big Boy Milestone

This morning Jacob hit a huge milestone, making for a very proud mommy and daddy. He has been showing a lot of interest in using his potty chair this week, so we’ve done a lot of sitting and singing songs with no results. Well this morning, I decided to sit him down as soon as he woke up and nothing was happening. However, as soon as I left the room to get a clean diaper, I heard music coming from the bathroom! His potty chair was singing because he made peepee in it for the first time!!!  Mommy and daddy danced and cheered while Jacob looked a little confused.

We are just so proud of how big Jacob is getting!


The Big Boy!

Baby #2 making a statement 

it is hard remembering back to being pregnant with Jacob, but I swear this baby is way more active sooner! Every day I get brief moments of lots of wiggles and kicks. Daddy was even able to feel one good kick, which is about 3 weeks earlier than with Jacob. I hope this isn’t a sign that he will be a much more active boy in the long run. While Jacob can be a handful now as a toddler, he was a very calm baby. 

I still can’t believe that in about 4 months (or a little less if he comes early like Jacob) we will be bringing home our second son. I think I remember how to take care of a newborn. Until then I am just going to try and take care of myself and baby as best I can. In a few weeks I need to take the glucose tolerance test that will tell me if I have gestational diabetes again. I am expecting that I have it, so I have tried to be mindful of my diet. My doctor said in the meantime to just feed myself and baby. Don’t have to tell me twice!! 

Valerie at 22 weeks



This is Valerie at 22 weeks along. Our new addition is expected in early January and everything is going well. There is still a long way to go, but we know time will pass by fast. We have a lot to do like getting the baby’s room set up, put Jacob in a big boy bed, move his crib into baby’s room, continue teaching Jacob about being a big brother, and much more.

I asked Valerie how she is feeling right now. She said, “The answer is always ‘hungry.'”

We wish Jacob fully understood what was happening so he could feel like he was more involved. He probably just thinks mommy is eating a lot.

We can’t wait to meet Jacob’s little brother.

So blessed.

5 months already? Jacob learns how to be a big brother

It’s hard to believe that Valerie is already 5 months into the pregnancy of our new little addition. Time has flown by so quickly. The due date may even sneak up on us. The good and bad thing is that Valerie has been craving some pretty awesome food lately. Last night was chili cheese fries. The bad thing is that I’m gaining some weight too. Probably more than Valerie. Haha!

We have been trying to teach Jacob about being a big brother, making sure he feels involved. Today, a baby visited his class at school and his teacher said that he was very good with the baby and that he will make a great big brother.

Here is a video of Jacob looking at his book, “I Am a Big Brother.”