Feeling Great!

I am so over the moon after yesterday’s appointments! I still can’t believe how incredible it was to see our baby waving at us and moving all over. It is amazing how much detail an ultrasound can give. At one point I saw baby’s mouth opening and closing, like he/she was trying to talk to us 🙂 The baby was even trying to suck its hand!

I feel so incredibly blessed and grateful for this miracle. It has been a nerve-wrecking road so far, but I am starting to feel relief. I know with the continued support and prayers from our families, we will be okay.

Other than this incredible high I feel, I am doing just fine. Still fighting a bit of nausea, but it is manageable. I will be into my second trimester soon, so I should start feeling even better. I haven’t been super tired, but I have had some trouble sleeping. Maybe this next trip to San Diego will help me get that last bit of relaxation before tackling the next hurdle of pregnancy…gaining a big belly!

Baby’s second set of pictures

Here are the photos from the second ultrasound with baby Bonilla at 12 weeks and 2 days. Baby Bonilla was active. The first thing we saw was baby Bonilla waving at us. Then came the kicking, turning, dancing … and I think I saw baby do a jumping jack. Maybe not. But baby was very active today and getting baby to sit still for the camera was difficult, but the nurse was a pro.

Now it feels real

It hit me last night, the night before our second ultrasound appointment. I nervous level jumped extremely high. What would we see at the appointment in the morning? Would it be good news? Sitting in the doctor’s office, as it was time to listen for the babu, I grew even more nervous. Trying not to show my nervousness too much, I could see that Valerie was very nervous as well. Here we were, ready to see how this baby was doing. We had been through this once before. I prayed that this time, things would be ok. I had to have faith and I had to try to stay calm.

And then I heard it. Well, the doctor said I heard it. I was not exactly sure what I was hearing. She said, “That’s the baby’s heartbeat.” Ok. If you say so. It sounds like a bunch of static to me. Then Valerie said she heard it too. Ok. If you say so. It sounds like a bunch of static to me. Then I could kind of make out a little swoosh sound within the static. I think I heard it. I mean, you could have told me it was anything and I would have said, “Ok. If you say so.” But I think I heard it too. And at that moment, a huge weight was lifted off of my shoulders. After months of wondering, it all became very real again. All of a sudden the excitement and joy hit me and it has been a long time since I have had a great day like this.

Twelve weeks, vacation time

I have hit the 12 week mark, an I am celebrating in Santa Barbara with David. We are relaxing and walking around a LOT. This is the most exercise I have been able to muster in a while, but I am glad for it. I feel pretty good except when I suddenly start to get hungry and must have food right away.

I finally feel a little growth that isn’t just an ice cream belly. I also am feeling some teeny vibrations once in a while coming from my lower abdomen. It is probably way to soon to think it is baby, but it is better to think that than the latest snack being digested. We shall see.

Our appointment is on Tuesday, Oct 30, so please keep praying for us!

Good days and bad days

I have come to the 11th week. Baby should be changing from a lime to a plum size. One more week until our next appointment and I am trying not to be nervous. For the most part I think things are going well. I still have some nausea, mostly when my stomach is empty. Mornings can be tough, especially as I am trying to get off to work. I do the best I can, though.

I have a good amount of energy, it seems. I try to get a few walks in during the day. They are short, but the hills I face make it a good workout 🙂

David thinks I am showing, but I am not convinced it isn’t an ice cream bump. I am getting round, but at least my work pants still fit. I am trying to wear looser clothes so my stomach isn’t so noticeable, but I still see it.

I am looking forward to sharing good news in a few weeks. I am just trying to stay positive and picture what life will be like in a few months.


Every time I feel a wave of nausea, I feel grateful. Well, it is still no fun feeling sick, but I remind myself that this means my little baby is still growing and my body is doing what it needs to do. I am having a few challenges with worries, but am trying to stay positive for my baby.

David continues to be so helpful, especially when I need him to go get food for me and filling the dishwasher for me when looking at dirty dishes makes me feel sick. He always makes sure I am okay and asks how I am feeling, which makes a huge difference.

On October 30 we get our next ultrasound for what they call an NT test. It is a scan to look for markers of some genetic disorders and Down’s syndrome. I really just want to see how this baby has changed, as it will look so much different by then. It can’t come soon enough!

Baby’s first pictures

Here are the photos from Valerie’s first ultrasound. The two plus signs are them measuring the baby from head to rump. He or she is at 8 weeks and 3 days according to the measurement and the due date is currently May 12, 2013.

First Appointment

Our first appointment was yesterday, and despite many nerves my part it went very well! The nurse practitioner I saw was very nice and thorough. She took her time in answering my questions and listening to my concerns. When it came time for the ultrasound, she made sure to show me the little flicker of our baby’s heartbeat first thing. It was very inspiring for me to see that. The baby also measured spot on at 8 weeks and 3 days.

I have to make an appointment for another scan at 12 weeks, so I can’t wait to see how that goes. I am sure I will continue to be nervous at every stage, but for now I am trying to enjoy every moment. Luckily I haven’t been too sick 🙂