I have come to the 11th week. Baby should be changing from a lime to a plum size. One more week until our next appointment and I am trying not to be nervous. For the most part I think things are going well. I still have some nausea, mostly when my stomach is empty. Mornings can be tough, especially as I am trying to get off to work. I do the best I can, though.

I have a good amount of energy, it seems. I try to get a few walks in during the day. They are short, but the hills I face make it a good workout šŸ™‚

David thinks I am showing, but I am not convinced it isn’t an ice cream bump. I am getting round, but at least my work pants still fit. I am trying to wear looser clothes so my stomach isn’t so noticeable, but I still see it.

I am looking forward to sharing good news in a few weeks. I am just trying to stay positive and picture what life will be like in a few months.