A 21 week old sweetie

Jacob has gotten over his latest hurdle, another round of sickness. I guess I should say that mom and dad got through it too! I don’t know if Jacob being sick is harder on him or us. At least he won’t remember it.

Despite having a fever off and on, Jacob was completely well for his child dedication at church. It makes me feel so good to know that the whole church prayed for him, and for David and me as parents. We will bring him up to know and love God so we can enjoy our faith together.

It is so funny how despite him being here for almost five months, we still are challenged as new parents every so often. Just when you feel you have everything figured out, there is another hurdle. Just yesterday he was crying and crying, so upset and everything we tried didn’t soothe him. Finally, after being passed back and forth between and David a few times, he gave a little toot and didn’t cry as much. We forgot about gas! Also, we are trying to plan our first trip with him, and there is so much to consider.

I wouldn’t have it any other way!


Trying to raise Jacob right

Jacob is now over 19 weeks old. About 4 and a half months. Every day I look at Jacob’s little face and am amazed at how fast he is growing. He is starting to roll over on his own, can almost balance himself sitting up, can support his own head really well, now understands that his hands are for grabbing things (especially dad’s chin and nose), is curious about his surroundings, and loves to laugh. We love him so much.

On Sunday, September 29, we will dedicate Jacob at our church. It is a simple and brief prayer for him and us so that we are able to bring him up right in God’s eyes. And we fully intend to do that. We want him to feel like our church is a big part of his life as he grows up. When he is old enough, it will be up to him to decide which path he plans to follow. Until then, it is up to us to make sure that we guide him the best that we can. I know that there will be tough days ahead. We will just pray and hope that things will work out for the best.

We also want him to know how blessed he is. He will (hopefully) never know what it is like to be homeless, starving, or alone. He is a lot luckier than so many people out there that are less fortunate and he should do what he can to help those people whenever he can.


Jacob, your mommy is an amazing woman

Jacob is now over 4 months old and he has had the privilege of having Valerie as his mother during that timeframe. He could not have asked for a better mommy. Every day, I am amazed at how wonderful a mother she is and how naturally it comes to her. No matter how much is on her plate, her dedication to Jacob is a priority whether she be healthy or ill. She is the type of woman who, no matter what she is doing, is always thinking of her little man. Jacob is so very lucky to have someone like her always worrying and watching over him. I absolutely love to watch his little smile grow when he sees her and know that even at such a young age, he already has a lot of love in his heart for her.



Jacob is 4 months old!

Our handsome little boy is now 4 months old and it seems like he is growing so incredibly fast. He isn’t just bigger size-wise, but it seems like every day he discovers something new that he can do. Most recently he has started rolling over onto his tummy (despite hating tummy time) and flipping back. He is also discovering his toes and hands, grabbing at all kinds of toys (and Mom’s hair).

Jacob also spent his first night away from home with Grandma and Grandpa Gonzales. He did very well! I think mom and dad missed him more than he missed us. He is so easygoing…I can’t believe how lucky we are. There are more exciting milestones coming soon. Between now and six months he will be starting solid foods (baby foods), sitting up on his own, and maybe even growing some teeth!

David and I are so grateful for our incredible little blessing, that we will be doing a child dedication at our church soon. Jacob will grow up with good Christian values and morals, and learn to show gratitude like we are learning. It will be a special day for us all.


17 weeks in-lots of growing

Jacob is almost 4 months old! In the last few weeks and days he is growing so much and we are so in awe of our little man. He is even going to school (daycare)! He really likes it there.

Life has been getting easier as we figure out our routine. Jacob is adjusting to everything well. He is working on rolling over now, which he almost has down. This just started happening today, so I think we are in for a lot more activity soon! When he is on his belly, Jacob also likes to try and scoot around. Time to start the baby proofing soon.

Between 4-6 months we can start solid foods. We are going to wait until he can sit up better, and when he starts looking interested in what we are eating. For now I will enjoy our time nursing.