Our handsome little boy is now 4 months old and it seems like he is growing so incredibly fast. He isn’t just bigger size-wise, but it seems like every day he discovers something new that he can do. Most recently he has started rolling over onto his tummy (despite hating tummy time) and flipping back. He is also discovering his toes and hands, grabbing at all kinds of toys (and Mom’s hair).

Jacob also spent his first night away from home with Grandma and Grandpa Gonzales. He did very well! I think mom and dad missed him more than he missed us. He is so easygoing…I can’t believe how lucky we are. There are more exciting milestones coming soon. Between now and six months he will be starting solid foods (baby foods), sitting up on his own, and maybe even growing some teeth!

David and I are so grateful for our incredible little blessing, that we will be doing a child dedication at our church soon. Jacob will grow up with good Christian values and morals, and learn to show gratitude like we are learning. It will be a special day for us all.