7 weeks, still figuring it out

Jacob has reached the 7 week mark and seems to be thriving despite catching his first cold. He is such a cute baby, and mom and dad are loving every second with him despite his fussy moments.

We are still dealing with all the little details that come with having a baby. Today we left him with Grandma Gonzales for a few hours while we caught a movie. Mom remembered to leave milk, but forgot the bottles! That is what a night of under 5 hours of sleep will get you! At least I remembered to leave enough diapers and wipes šŸ™‚

I am also still learning the best way to get my boy to burp so he doesn’t spit up so much. I read a bunch of techniques from other moms and already had a little success with 4 burps at his last feeding.

David and I are still getting used to leaving Jacob with others, but it is weird. This weekend we will give the Bonilla clan a chance to spend lots of time with him while we attend a wedding. I know they will enjoy every second. Next we get to look forward to getting back into exercising. I have a ways to go to get back to pre-pregnancy weight, but know with a few healthy changes to my diet and the start of an exercise routine I will make it!

So long newborn diapers!

Jacob is growing so fast. He was already outgrowing many of his newborn outfits. Hint to future parents: Don’t stock up too much on newborn outfits. You’ll get about a month out of them. Anyways, now, after his latest accident told us enough was enough, he has officially transitioned from newborn diapers to size 1. I am kind of sad to see him grow so fast and leave behind all of his cute little outfits. At the same time, I am excited to see my little man get bigger. Soon he will fit into his 49ers clothes!

Happy Father’s Day to an Amazing Man

I am so excited to celebrate David’s first Father’s Day today! Jacob is so lucky to have such a loving and involved Daddy. I am so in love with my husband for the dad he is. I always knew he would be great at parenthood, and he continues to prove me right.

David lets me rest all throughout the day despite all he has to do, he provides meals to me so I can be strong and nurse our son, and he takes Jacob on walks in his baby carrier to soothe his crying. He isn’t afraid of a poopy diaper or to get spit up on. He is excited to see his son every morning and kisses him every night. He wants to do everything right for his little boy.

For all these reasons and more, I know Jacob has the perfect Daddy for him.


One month old

Time flies by so fast. Jacob still seems so new to us. It is difficult to believe that he is already a month old. Earlier this afternoon, Jacob got a call from grandma and grandpa Bonilla who sang him a happy birthday song. The rest of the day was spent like the majority of his days. Sleeping, waking up, getting changed, eating, and repeat. After dinner, Jacob joined mom and dad on a trip to Yogurtland to celebrate.

I told Jacob today that he has turned our lives upside down, but we would not have it any other way. He filled an empty part of our lives that we did not even know was there. He truly is a blessing to Valerie and myself.


Jacob is 4 weeks old

Today, Jacob is 4 weeks old and doing well. On Thursday, he will be a month old. Caring for him takes up the majority of our time, but he is 100% worth all of the effort. We were at Target today and numerous people stopped to look at our adorable little man. Jacob fills our hearts with joy and we are enjoying watching him grow so fast.