Jacob has reached the 7 week mark and seems to be thriving despite catching his first cold. He is such a cute baby, and mom and dad are loving every second with him despite his fussy moments.

We are still dealing with all the little details that come with having a baby. Today we left him with Grandma Gonzales for a few hours while we caught a movie. Mom remembered to leave milk, but forgot the bottles! That is what a night of under 5 hours of sleep will get you! At least I remembered to leave enough diapers and wipes šŸ™‚

I am also still learning the best way to get my boy to burp so he doesn’t spit up so much. I read a bunch of techniques from other moms and already had a little success with 4 burps at his last feeding.

David and I are still getting used to leaving Jacob with others, but it is weird. This weekend we will give the Bonilla clan a chance to spend lots of time with him while we attend a wedding. I know they will enjoy every second. Next we get to look forward to getting back into exercising. I have a ways to go to get back to pre-pregnancy weight, but know with a few healthy changes to my diet and the start of an exercise routine I will make it!