My five month old hero

Jacob has only been five months old for a week and he is already showing us what a big boy he has become. He amazes us every day by doing something new or overcoming something difficult.

First, the hard stuff. He has been battling a stuffy sounding nose for over a week now, and it finally turned into a nasty sounding cough. He has it rough at night, but we are right there to soothe him. Luckily, the doctor thinks it may just be a sign of the next hard thing…teething! He is definitely starting the teething process, with drooly-ness ramped up, hands always in his mouth, and swollen bottom gums. I check his mouth every day to see if there is a little white tooth ready to poke out. We bought Jacob a little teething ring that can go in the fridge to get cold, and he seems to love to bite it. Lastly, he bumped his head for the first (and surely not last) time. He cried for about a minute, but after was his usual cute self. He didn’t even get a big bump! What a tough guy!

Despite these challenges, Jacob is so happy to learn new skills. He now pulls himself up to a sitting position by holding mommy’s hands (with help). He rolls onto his tummy if he wants to go to sleep during nap time. He is even trying to push himself up more when on his tummy to try and scoot! He sits on his bottom a little better, and may soon be ready to do it on his own. He grabs at the toys he wants and recognizes when we call his name. We even found his ticklish spots :). Being a parent to such a perfect boy is such a joy. I don’t know how David and I got to be so blessed!

As we prepare for our trip, I am looking forward to seeing him learn more about the world around him, especially the water in the pool and ocean. I hope he enjoys it as much as we enjoy him every day.


5 months old and prepping for a trip!

Jacob turned 5 months old on Sunday and we are amazed at how fast he has grown. He has a very distinct personality now. Overall, he is a very happy baby and amazingly, can entertain himself by making noises and staring at things like ceiling fans. And then when he sees us and smiles, it is heartwarming. Yesterday, Valerie came home and started holding him and he hugged her as tightly as he possibly could. When I give him kisses, he opens his mouth, not quit knowing how to give a kiss, but trying regardless. Oh, and television. He is fascinated by television. A habit that we are trying to break a bit. But if we are out and he sees a TV, he will stare at it in fascination.

Early next month will be a big test for us all. His first big trip. Jacob will be traveling to Hawaii. Kauai to be more specific. We picked that island because it is one that we are very familiar with already. So that may make things easier. We know that he will not remember the trip, but are excited to take plenty of pictures of him in paradise. He has never been on the beach before. He has seen the ocean from afar in Manhattan Beach, but he has ever actually been on the sand or touched the water with his toes. So we are excited for more first experiences with our little man.


God bless our little man — A prayer for Jacob

On Sunday, we were so happy to have Jacob dedicated in front of our church at South Bay Community Church. The Bonilla and Gonzales clans were on hand to see our baby boy get dedicated. Some of our friends were on hand as well. We are so lucky to have family and friends that care about Jacob so much.

The dedication was short and pastor Greg led the prayer over Jacob and our whole church joined in. We got to speak to our church a little about Jacob and our hopes for his future. The dedication is more for the parents though. A promise that we will do our part to raise Jacob right.

It meant a lot to Valerie and myself and we were so excited during the days leading up to the dedication. We pray for Jacob all the time and I pray that I will be a good parent and role model for my son. I know that will be easier with an amazing woman like Valerie at my side.