A lemon

Baby Bonilla should now be the size of a lemon. Not sure if that is bigger than a peach, but Val’s iPhone app says that he or she is now the size of a lemon. And I was so proud that Val ate all of her California Pizza Kitchen pizza yesterday. After months of seeing her unable to stomach eating much of anything, her appetite is finally back to normal … more or less.

We Made It!

I am finally at 13 weeks and ready to start my second trimester! Oh wow, how much of a difference I feel now versus a few weeks ago! I honestly didn’t know how I was going to make it, but here I am!!! I told David yesterday that I went from being sick about 90% of the day to feeling great 90% of the day. It has improved my overall mood and helped me get even more excited about the months ahead.

Next week we have another doctor’s appointment. I can’t wait to see our little bundle once again! He or she should have less of a gummy bear form, and look more like a peach-sized baby.

While it is too soon to know the gender, we can’t wait to find out! They say we should know for sure by twenty weeks, which is only a few months away. By then (and maybe sooner), I should also start to feel the baby move. I am really excited for that to happen, because then it is really, REALLY, real!

So, here we are, full of hope and joy. I am taking care of Baby Bonilla the best I can. Can’t wait to see what is around the next corner 🙂

Baby’s first toy

Here is a picture of baby Bonilla’s first toy. A gift from uncle Eddie, auntie Erica and cousins Esa, Eli, and Elena. A stuffed stuffed sea Chalupa.


Grandma Bonilla is telling family now

With the secret not staying very secret among the Gonzales side of the family, which is expected given the level of excitement, we went ahead and gave my mom the go ahead to start telling my side of the family. She has been itching to spread the news to my aunts and uncles since she found out back in January.

It was so cute. She was super excited when we pushed her “go ahead” date up and told her to feel free to start telling family.

Apparently she immediately started making phone calls to tell everyone she is going to be a grandma.

However, we are still holding off until at least the end of the week to make it common knowledge.

A peach

At 12 weeks, baby Bonilla is now the size of a peach. Keep growing little baby and your mommy and I will keep trying our best to take care of you.

12 Weeks!

I made it! I am finally at 12 weeks, just one week away from starting my second trimester. Things are starting to get better, and I can see the better days ahead. It is amazing how much my attitude changes based on how my stomach feels. I guess that is true any time though.

In about 11 days I have another doctors appointment with another ultrasound. I can’t wait to see how much this little one has grown. According to all the Googling I have done, the baby should have a more “human” form. I want to see little arms and legs and hear that heartbeat again 🙂

I also want to say how much I appreciate my loving, supportive husband. David has been great, making sure I have whatever I need. It has been an interesting journey so far, but I wouldn’t want to take it with anyone else.

We are closing in on that time

Most “experts” suggest that you do not make a pregnancy publicly known until after the 12th week, which is the end of the first trimester. After the 12th week is when the chances of complications drastically decrease. Well, Val is sitting at 11 weeks now so we are closing in on that timeframe.

People do know. My immediate family knows. Val’s immediate family and a few other members of her family know. Two of Val’s closest friends know. Val’s parents’ neighbors know. Imagine the confusion on my face when they congratulated Val. I think my mom’s dentist knows. Not sure I understand that one, but that’s fine too. A couple of Val’s coworkers know (they found out) as well as her boss. I’ve even agreed to give my mom a window to be able to be the first to tell my aunts and uncles before we made it public knowledge.

Sadly, none of my closest friends know. I have not even had an opportunity to the best man from my wedding, one of my closest friends … next to Val of course. Our schedules have just conflicted and it seems strange to tell him over email. Regardless, with the first trimester coming to a close soon, we will be able to make it public knowledge.

Val is still being strong, healthy, and amazing as usual.

A large plum

Our baby is now the size of a large plum. I have to remember to look at one the next time I am at the grocery store to see just how big that is. I don’t eat a lot of plums.

Dear Baby, Happy 11 Weeks

Well Baby, we made it to 11 weeks. Sometime soon (according to the books) I should start getting my energy and appetite back to normal. I hope that is true, because no matter how much nutrition I want to give you I can’t seem to manage to eat it. Maybe you are just like your Daddy and don’t want to eat your veggies.

It has been a long road over a short period of time, but I keep my hopes up with all the milestones we have to come. I can’t wait to start feeling you move around. Right now you are probably enjoying all the space to float around and play astronaut. When things start to get cramped, don’t worry. You have a nice house that is waiting for you. Your Daddy and I will make a comfortable bedroom for you with everything you need. It will probably even have a 49ers blanket.

Baby, even though we don’t know who you are yet, know that your family loves you so much. We can’t wait to call you by name.

Baby Bonilla may get grounded

Watch out kid. With the way you have been making your mommy feel, you may get grounded right after you come out. Already in trouble and you are not even born yet. Sounds like my child alright.