Another Milestone-first Haircut

Jacob just keeps growing at a rate I cannot believe. It seems like since his first birthday he has decided he is going to be a big boy and catch up to all his friends. Within a week of his birthday he started army crawling and soon after that he learned he could crawl on his hands and knees. At the same time, he started pulling up on his toys and shows a real interest in trying to stand. He is getting so good at getting around, that this past week his daycare started transitioning out of the infant room and into the young toddler room. He has done so well that he is making the move permanent this week. He is even transitioning to regular milk and doing very well.

Since Jacob is becoming such a big boy, we decided it was time for his first haircut too. We took him to the same place David gets his hair cut. The lady stylist asked how short and we had no idea, but settled on her using the razor attachments to get it done quickly. Luckily, Jacob discovered a magazine he liked and just sat rustling pages as she began. I think it helped that the razor was super quiet because it didn’t even phase him that something was happening. He did get interested in the hair falling around him, and we spent the rest of the time trying to make sure he didn’t eat it.

The entire cut probably took less than ten minutes, but it looks great! While it may take some getting used for mom and dad, as soon as Jacob saw himself in the mirror he smiled. I think he will like the breeze on his head even more!

Next stop, a new car seat to last several more years and maybe soon the road to walking! How fast it all goes!!




Jacob has discovered his monitor


No, this is not a scene from The Blair Witch Project. This is what we have woken up to the last two days (today before 6 AM!). It was bound to happen. Jacob has finally discovered the mysterious object mounted to the corner of his crib. Yes, he has found his baby monitor. And now that he is able to get up on his knees on his own, he has no problem reaching for it. I mean, it must be pretty cool, right? It has a little camera lens, a swivel, and A LIGHT!

Maybe he is just trying to move it so he can finally get some privacy.

We get to witness the little things


Family and friends get to see Jacob all of the time. However, no one spends as much time with him as Valerie and I.

A lot of people have seen him army crawl, clap, give kisses, wave goodbye, and do his little ninja stance and battle cry (I have no idea how else to describe that). But only Valerie and I get to witness everything. Like when he first wakes up in the morning and is calling for us. Then when he is so happy to see us once we go get him. Or the Superman stretch that he does when we change his morning diaper. One time when I picked him up from day care and he was siting at the table with his little friends, he was so excited to see me that he bounced up and down, shaking the table and all of the other kids on it (their chairs are part of the table itself).

I know the names of his friends at school and will often sit there to play with some of them when I pick him up. I know how to get a quick smile out of him after I have picked him up by lifting him up into the air and saying, “It’s Jacob! King of the Bonillas!”

We know that he likes sucking on pickles. We know that his favorite toy, oddly, is just a purple cylinder that is actually part of a bigger toy. It does nothing. It is just a shape to be placed within the other toy. But he loves it and it is his go-to toy. I just wish it were not round so it would not roll away all of the time. We know that he loves splashing water during bath time. We know his favorite song. Oddly, it is the theme song to a television show that has been off the air for years and we really aren’t sure what he likes about it.

We know that he likes watching birds. We know that his excitement level goes off the scale when he thinks that one of us is going to playfully “get him.”

These and many other things that most people don’t get to witness are just a few of the characteristics that make him Jacob. And we get to see them all. Every day we treasure watching our son as his personality quickly evolves. We can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Happy first birthday Jacob


Jacob at the LA Zoo on May 6, 2014

One year ago, our family grew from two to three. It had actually happened about nine months prior to that, but it was a year ago that it became official. At 9:30 PM on May 6, 2014, a 6 pound, 7 ounce bundle of joy joined our little family. At that point, Valerie and I fell in love all over again. However, this time, it was with our new son, Jacob David Bonilla.

Since then, there have been fun days, tough days, and days where we felt that we were going to go crazy. Through it all, our love for him has never faltered.

When he wakes up in the morning, one of us is the first person that he sees in the morning and we are greeted with smiles and laughter. When he goes to bed at night, one of us is the last person that he sees as he slowly falls asleep in the comfort of one of our arms. In between those two moments, he continues to remind us that he is the best decision that we have ever made.

We can see the love in his little face when he sees us. He is always so happy to be with us. While we can’t spend every minute of every day with him, we try to spend as much time as possible with Jacob and treasure each and every one of those special moments together.


Jacob at the LA Zoo on May 6, 2014

On Saturday, we celebrated with friends and family. Today, to celebrated his first year out in the world with a trip to the Los Angeles Zoo. Watching him see certain animals for the first time and seeing the wonder in his eyes reminds us how to view the beauty in the world as if we were seeing things for the first time as well. Jacob teaches us how to enjoy even the simple things in life. For dinner, we joined grandma and grandpa Bonilla, who could not let his birthday pass without seeing him. He has so many people in his life that love him. We are so thankful for those that have been a part of Jacob’s life.

Valerie and I are still learning how to be good parents. We can only hope that we are going a good job so far. Jacob is the most important part of our lives and we love him so much.


Jacob on May 6, 2013


First birthday party




Jacob had his first birthday party today (his actual birthday is on Tuesday). We are truly blessed to have so many friends and family in our lives that were willing to come out on a very warm May afternoon to help us celebrate our little man’s first year out in the world. It has been a year of discovery for both Jacob and his parents. Jacob attacks each day with a strong sense of curiosity and wonder while mom and dad continue to learn what it means to be good parents. Seeing the world through Jacob’s eyes has helped us to appreciate even the small things in life.

We reflect back at Jacob’s first days with us and can’t believe how far the three of us have come. Things have changed in the past year, but the love in our hearts for Jacob remains as strong as ever. We see the love that he has for us and feel that we are two of the luckiest parents in the world to have such a great little man in our lives.

We smile at our memories of you growing up over the past year and can’t wait to make new memories in the years ahead. Today, we celebrated your birthday, but nearly a year ago, we gave us the greatest gift of all.