Family and friends get to see Jacob all of the time. However, no one spends as much time with him as Valerie and I.

A lot of people have seen him army crawl, clap, give kisses, wave goodbye, and do his little ninja stance and battle cry (I have no idea how else to describe that). But only Valerie and I get to witness everything. Like when he first wakes up in the morning and is calling for us. Then when he is so happy to see us once we go get him. Or the Superman stretch that he does when we change his morning diaper. One time when I picked him up from day care and he was siting at the table with his little friends, he was so excited to see me that he bounced up and down, shaking the table and all of the other kids on it (their chairs are part of the table itself).

I know the names of his friends at school and will often sit there to play with some of them when I pick him up. I know how to get a quick smile out of him after I have picked him up by lifting him up into the air and saying, “It’s Jacob! King of the Bonillas!”

We know that he likes sucking on pickles. We know that his favorite toy, oddly, is just a purple cylinder that is actually part of a bigger toy. It does nothing. It is just a shape to be placed within the other toy. But he loves it and it is his go-to toy. I just wish it were not round so it would not roll away all of the time. We know that he loves splashing water during bath time. We know his favorite song. Oddly, it is the theme song to a television show that has been off the air for years and we really aren’t sure what he likes about it.

We know that he likes watching birds. We know that his excitement level goes off the scale when he thinks that one of us is going to playfully “get him.”

These and many other things that most people don’t get to witness are just a few of the characteristics that make him Jacob. And we get to see them all. Every day we treasure watching our son as his personality quickly evolves. We can’t wait to see what the future holds.