What a busy 2013…

I am starting to think back on this past year and realizing how much our lives have changed. Last year at this time I was pregnant and just starting to really feel Jacob moving. We were preparing in many small ways to bring him into our home, not knowing what he will or will not need. As 2013 progressed we watched my belly grow, welcomed home a tiny little baby, and watched him blossom into a 7 month old little man. We have had sleep deprived days and nights, been peed and spit up on, sucked out countless boogies and changed diaper after diaper.

But we have also had first smiles and laughs, rolling over and playtime, hugs and slobbery kisses, and cuddly naps together. We have seen Jacob grow longer and heavier, and had to put away those cute first outfits. While I think it is amazing how much the year changed from start to finish, I am more in awe with all that will come next year.

In 2014 we should have crawling, walking and standing, the move to finger foods and sippy cups, understanding of words, and many more teeth. We will also see Jacob celebrate his first birthday. I don’t know how we will keep up!

I know we have more challenges and triumphs ahead, and as a team we will all get through it.

Jacob’s first Christmas, etc…

We are amazed at how fast our little man is growing and his fascination with everything around him continues to grow as well. He is becoming quite a handful, but is uniquely Jacob. He is starting to put sounds together. He knows “up” when he wants to be picked up. “Mamamama” is usually a call to mommy and means that he wants food or wants to be comforted. I’ll even get a “dadadada” occasionally. He has his likes and dislikes as far as baby food is concerned and he loves Mum-Mum crackers. They are one of the few things that he will hold himself to eat.

Jacob had a great first Christmas. He woke up to find that Santa brought him a new jumper with all kinds of fun toys attached and stuffed his stocking with all kinds of other goodies. Of course, mommy and daddy helped him discover those goodies.

Then it was off to grandma and grandpa Gonzales’ house to open gifts with his cousins and spend some more quality time (he was there on Christmas Eve) with family.

Then it was off to grandma and grandpa¬†Bonilla’s house in Pasadena to spend time with my family. He was once again showered with gifts, ate with the family, went for a walk with auntie Linda, and even got to go see Christmas lights.

After a long day, he returned home to get all snug in his bed and dream of all of the toys he would play with later. It is needless to say that our house is packed full with all of his new stuff. However, we are grateful that so many people love him enough to want to make him happy.


Jacob on Christmas morning with his new jumper


Jacob opening gifts at the Gonzales house


Jacob surrounded by his gifts at the Bonilla house

Jacob’s 7 month birthday in Las Vegas

Our little man is a big 7 months old now. He turned 7 months yesterday and has spent the last few days in a suite at the Red Rock Casino and Resort in Las Vegas. Valerie was here for a work conference so we all tagged along. Sadly, he spend most of that time in the room because he was fighting a cold. He did get to leave the room for our meals though, but he did not leave the resort because it was freezing outside. Literally. Night temperatures were below the freezing mark and day temperatures were not that much better.

He seems to be better now. Much better than his 103+ degree temperature high. Once he felt better, he was his normal happy, smiley, and curious self. He was fascinated by the casino lights and the grandness of the resort. We just love his curiosity and watching him experience things for the first time.