Proof that Jacob’s belated Christmas gift will be a little brother

Here are some pictures of Jacob’s little brother at 19 weeks (from Friday), including proof that Jacob will be getting a little brother just after Christmas. They asked if we wanted to know the sex and we said “Yes!” Then with a quick turn, we saw what you see in the second photo (minus the text of course) and just started cracking up. “Well, that was easy.”

What’s funny is that before we saw the second image and were looking at the profile view, Valerie said, “That looks like Jacob.”




Dad: Still a work in progress


Jacob and dad time at the “pawk.”

Over two years later, and with a second son on the way, I am still trying to figure everything out. Jacob is an amazing kid. He really is. I’ve noticed that I have become more emotional since Jacob has come into our lives and I became a dad (Darn you Zillow commercial! I can’t even watch you anymore!). There are so many wonderful gifts that he gives me without even knowing. A laugh, a hug, or even him putting his hands on my cheek to give me a little kiss that just melts my heart.

However, I am not a perfect dad. I’m not even close to being a perfect husband yet! Just ask Val! At least she knew what she was getting into, right? Jacob had no say. I mess up — a lot. No really, I mean A LOT. You take your average dad and double the mess ups and you are maybe getting somewhere close to me. I understand my faults and just continue to try and push myself to be better.

There are days where, after stress, being rushed, or the combination of both, that it just gets to you. Sometimes my patience wears thin. Hopefully Jacob knows that no matter how frustrated I am at times, my love for him never weakens. Hopefully his little brother realizes that as well. Jacob is my best little buddy and soon another little buddy will be joining us, and poor Val, even counting Chalupa (our pet tortoise) will still be outnumbered by boys and all the craziness that comes with us.

I’m not perfect by any means, but I am working on that and won’t stop working on it. Hopefully Jacob and his little brother remember my successes more than my failures.

Because they were previously hidden, here are all those posts about baby #2:

Baby Bean Bonilla

Special Announcement Video

Some already know. Especially those that have seen us lately. For everyone else, friends and family alike, we’d like to take a moment to make a special announcement via the quick little video below.

Long night ends with a thump

last night Jacob woke up around midnight and just couldn’t (or wouldn’t) fall back asleep. It was three hours and one snack break later that we finally put him in his crib and said “night night” and left him there. I think he was surprised we did that, but he quietly laid there until he found a comfy spot to fall asleep.

During the long three hours, I was getting so frustrated with him and myself. He kept punching me feet which hurt, and I just wanted to get back to rest. Somewhere in that long night filled with a mommy’s struggle, I got my first real kick from baby bean. It made me stop and just appreciate how quickly time goes on. Maybe I won’t have more nights like this with Jacob, but a new baby brings new opportunities to teach me patience. I just hope that I can continue to be the best mommy that I can be.

Who needs music?



Jacob loves to dance. Jacob loves to make us dance. Jacob loves to dance with us. He loves music. He loves signing. Jacob loves a lot of stuff.

Apparently, he loves dancing so much that he doesn’t even need music. Today, Valerie told me that, after dropping him off at school, Jacob was having fun dancing. The interesting thing was that there was no music playing. Who needs music, right? If you want to dance, just dance! If you gotta dance, just dance! No music? No problem! DANCE!

This is all just another reminder of how happy Jacob is. He has his “2-year old” moments, but for the most part, he is a really good kid and we are so lucky to have him in our lives.

He enjoys playing and fun. Something the rest of us should enjoy more often.

Jacob is not a fan of change

So we got Jacob a new toothbrush. We got him a cute little Elmo one since he kind of likes him. His old one was a blue Colgate toothbrush with little safari animals on it. 

How did he like his new toothbrush when he first saw it? He fell to the bathroom floor screaming and crying. How did he like it the second time he saw it? He fell to the bathroom floor screaming and crying. I’m sure you can guess how the third time went. 

Well, we needed him to brush his teeth. So off I went to the store to try and find a new toothbrush that was exactly like his old one. Luckily I did. When he saw it tonight, he was sooooo excited. 

His mouth is finally clean.