Swoosh swoosh swoosh swoosh swoosh…

Say that over and over really fast. That was the sound I heard today of our baby’s heartbeat. It was the first time that I had heard that sound since October 30th and it made me happy to hear it again.

Going into today’s appointment, I was pretty calm and without a worry in my head … until we sat there in the office and the doctor was getting ready to listen to the heartbeat. Then I got really nervous. However, the sound was there nice and strong and the doctor said, “There’s the heartbeat” and then looked at me and asked “Do you hear it?” Obviously she remembered that I could not make anything out the first time and I had to take her word for it. This time, I heard it loud and clear and it was one of the most powerful sounds I have ever heard in my life. It was that fast paced, yet calming “swoosh” repeating itself over and over.

Everything is looking good so far. Thank you God.

Happy Thanksgiving

Today I am so grateful for my family, who is so supportive and loving to me. I am especially grateful for my wonderful husband. He is my perfect match in life, and I wouldn’t want to have a child with anyone else. I am grateful for this incredible blessing that is growing in me. It is such a huge miracle to be carrying a new life, and I thank God every day for this chance.

May everyone in the world feel a bit of the happiness and gracefulness that I do today.

15 weeks, whew

I am now just over 15 weeks along and doing okay. I get a little nervous still since I don’t know what is going on inside me. But, I am so happy every time I feel a tiny little flutter every so often. It is so crazy, and completely magical at the same time. To think that my little baby is making him or herself comfy in me makes me so happy. I can’t wait until the kicks start so that David can feel them too.

I still have some hard days, but my food issues seem to be balancing out. My book says that I will start packing on some pounds this trimester. I am trying to remember to do this slowly. I also am having some back pain, but that was the case before I got pregnant too.

Only a week until my next appointment, which will probably just be a quick checkup. I am just excited to hear baby’s heartbeat again.

Keep all the prayers coming, they are really helping šŸ™‚

Today is 14 weeks

Valerie is now 14 weeks along. It hasn’t been an easy 14 weeks for her since she is always either hungry or nauseous. But she has not let that get her down and is in good spirits. She is such a strong woman and I am so proud of how well she is getting through all of this. She says sometimes she thinks that she can feel the baby moving. Nothing strong. Just a little sensation here and there. Time seems to be going by fast, but at the same time, it cannot go by fast enough … if that makes sense. I guess I am just anxious to finally see the baby.

Rounding up the first trimester

I literally am rounding! I look in the mirror or at pictures David takes of me and it seems that I am further along than I am supposed to be! We’ve had two ultrasounds, so I know there are not two in there, but it sure looks like it! This little bump is going to be hard to hide at work.

I am looking forward to officially be in the second trimester. Should be a few days now. For some reason my nausea has been a little worse the last few days, which is disappointing when on vacation. I am still really struggling with getting vegetables in me, so I will try to make that a goal for the week. I have to hope baby is getting all it needs from my reserves.

Vacation is over today, and I am so grateful for the time I got to spend with my husband. We had so much fun over the last week. I can’t wait for the holidays now.