I am now just over 15 weeks along and doing okay. I get a little nervous still since I don’t know what is going on inside me. But, I am so happy every time I feel a tiny little flutter every so often. It is so crazy, and completely magical at the same time. To think that my little baby is making him or herself comfy in me makes me so happy. I can’t wait until the kicks start so that David can feel them too.

I still have some hard days, but my food issues seem to be balancing out. My book says that I will start packing on some pounds this trimester. I am trying to remember to do this slowly. I also am having some back pain, but that was the case before I got pregnant too.

Only a week until my next appointment, which will probably just be a quick checkup. I am just excited to hear baby’s heartbeat again.

Keep all the prayers coming, they are really helping šŸ™‚