Sometimes we look back at how difficult we thought things were when it was just Jacob and laugh. It was nothing compared to how difficult things are now with both he and Miles. Then one of them will do something so cute and it will warm our hearts, making things seem a little easier.

Miles has grown so much in such a short period of time. He is definitely moving up in clothes sizes faster than Jacob did. And you can tell he is eager to get on the move in order to chase after his big brother. The two love each other so much. Miles is still one of the first thing Jacob looks for in the morning and Miles always keeps an eye on Jacob while wondering what he is up to.

Miles is rolling all over the place. Earlier today, within seconds, he rolled from the middle of our living room to half under the couch. He would have made it too if not for his big noggin getting in the way.

He had his first taste of solid food today too. It was a bean without the skin. He seemed to enjoy it so solid foods are right around the corner.

Miles still greatly prefers mommy to daddy. Normally I would feel bad about that but Jacob was the same way when he was younger and I eventually won him over and got on equal footing with Val.

Stress is high for mom and dad, but we are managing. These two little guys are so worth any trouble that they can dish out. Before we know it, both will be running. That’s when the trouble will really begin.