Baby steps: The movie!

Adding to Valerie’s post from yesterday, here is a short video clip of Jacob trying to walk in his room. He is gettingĀ braver and braver as confidence in his little legs and feet grow.

Baby steps

We have been waiting, watching, and practicing…and over the last few days Jacob decided he was ready to start taking real steps! It was only one or two at first, usually as a means to fall down on purpose (he loves falling). However, we’ve been encouraging him to balance despite his tendency to stand on his foot sideways. We just didn’t consider what he was doing as “walking” yet.

Yesterday, Jacob’s daycare teachers asked if he was taking steps yet. When I said he kind of was, they got really excited and shared that he took quite a few that day. I was so proud if him, and we came home to practice. He only did a few again at home, but we resolved to keep trying.

This morning, we took him to school together so we could see if that helped his walking. Well, there must be something magic in the carpet because he started really walking from mom to dad, back and forth, up to almost 10 steps!! We are so proud of our little man and he looked so happy when he was doing it. I know that parents say to watch out when they start walking because they get in to everything, but right now we are going to celebrate and enjoy the moment.