Jacob just keeps growing at a rate I cannot believe. It seems like since his first birthday he has decided he is going to be a big boy and catch up to all his friends. Within a week of his birthday he started army crawling and soon after that he learned he could crawl on his hands and knees. At the same time, he started pulling up on his toys and shows a real interest in trying to stand. He is getting so good at getting around, that this past week his daycare started transitioning out of the infant room and into the young toddler room. He has done so well that he is making the move permanent this week. He is even transitioning to regular milk and doing very well.

Since Jacob is becoming such a big boy, we decided it was time for his first haircut too. We took him to the same place David gets his hair cut. The lady stylist asked how short and we had no idea, but settled on her using the razor attachments to get it done quickly. Luckily, Jacob discovered a magazine he liked and just sat rustling pages as she began. I think it helped that the razor was super quiet because it didn’t even phase him that something was happening. He did get interested in the hair falling around him, and we spent the rest of the time trying to make sure he didn’t eat it.

The entire cut probably took less than ten minutes, but it looks great! While it may take some getting used for mom and dad, as soon as Jacob saw himself in the mirror he smiled. I think he will like the breeze on his head even more!

Next stop, a new car seat to last several more years and maybe soon the road to walking! How fast it all goes!!