Jacob had his first birthday party today (his actual birthday is on Tuesday). We are truly blessed to have so many friends and family in our lives that were willing to come out on a very warm May afternoon to help us celebrate our little man’s first year out in the world. It has been a year of discovery for both Jacob and his parents. Jacob attacks each day with a strong sense of curiosity and wonder while mom and dad continue to learn what it means to be good parents. Seeing the world through Jacob’s eyes has helped us to appreciate even the small things in life.

We reflect back at Jacob’s first days with us and can’t believe how far the three of us have come. Things have changed in the past year, but the love in our hearts for Jacob remains as strong as ever. We see the love that he has for us and feel that we are two of the luckiest parents in the world to have such a great little man in our lives.

We smile at our memories of you growing up over the past year and can’t wait to make new memories in the years ahead. Today, we celebrated your birthday, but nearly a year ago, we gave us the greatest gift of all.