Well Baby, we made it to 11 weeks. Sometime soon (according to the books) I should start getting my energy and appetite back to normal. I hope that is true, because no matter how much nutrition I want to give you I can’t seem to manage to eat it. Maybe you are just like your Daddy and don’t want to eat your veggies.

It has been a long road over a short period of time, but I keep my hopes up with all the milestones we have to come. I can’t wait to start feeling you move around. Right now you are probably enjoying all the space to float around and play astronaut. When things start to get cramped, don’t worry. You have a nice house that is waiting for you. Your Daddy and I will make a comfortable bedroom for you with everything you need. It will probably even have a 49ers blanket.

Baby, even though we don’t know who you are yet, know that your family loves you so much. We can’t wait to call you by name.