Most “experts” suggest that you do not make a pregnancy publicly known until after the 12th week, which is the end of the first trimester. After the 12th week is when the chances of complications drastically decrease. Well, Val is sitting at 11 weeks now so we are closing in on that timeframe.

People do know. My immediate family knows. Val’s immediate family and a few other members of her family know. Two of Val’s closest friends know. Val’s parents’ neighbors know. Imagine the confusion on my face when they congratulated Val. I think my mom’s dentist knows. Not sure I understand that one, but that’s fine too. A couple of Val’s coworkers know (they found out) as well as her boss. I’ve even agreed to give my mom a window to be able to be the first to tell my aunts and uncles before we made it public knowledge.

Sadly, none of my closest friends know. I have not even had an opportunity to the best man from my wedding, one of my closest friends … next to Val of course. Our schedules have just conflicted and it seems strange to tell him over email. Regardless, with the first trimester coming to a close soon, we will be able to make it public knowledge.

Val is still being strong, healthy, and amazing as usual.