Jacob has gotten over his latest hurdle, another round of sickness. I guess I should say that mom and dad got through it too! I don’t know if Jacob being sick is harder on him or us. At least he won’t remember it.

Despite having a fever off and on, Jacob was completely well for his child dedication at church. It makes me feel so good to know that the whole church prayed for him, and for David and me as parents. We will bring him up to know and love God so we can enjoy our faith together.

It is so funny how despite him being here for almost five months, we still are challenged as new parents every so often. Just when you feel you have everything figured out, there is another hurdle. Just yesterday he was crying and crying, so upset and everything we tried didn’t soothe him. Finally, after being passed back and forth between and David a few times, he gave a little toot and didn’t cry as much. We forgot about gas! Also, we are trying to plan our first trip with him, and there is so much to consider.

I wouldn’t have it any other way!