It hit me last night, the night before our second ultrasound appointment. I nervous level jumped extremely high. What would we see at the appointment in the morning? Would it be good news? Sitting in the doctor’s office, as it was time to listen for the babu, I grew even more nervous. Trying not to show my nervousness too much, I could see that Valerie was very nervous as well. Here we were, ready to see how this baby was doing. We had been through this once before. I prayed that this time, things would be ok. I had to have faith and I had to try to stay calm.

And then I heard it. Well, the doctor said I heard it. I was not exactly sure what I was hearing. She said, “That’s the baby’s heartbeat.” Ok. If you say so. It sounds like a bunch of static to me. Then Valerie said she heard it too. Ok. If you say so. It sounds like a bunch of static to me. Then I could kind of make out a little swoosh sound within the static. I think I heard it. I mean, you could have told me it was anything and I would have said, “Ok. If you say so.” But I think I heard it too. And at that moment, a huge weight was lifted off of my shoulders. After months of wondering, it all became very real again. All of a sudden the excitement and joy hit me and it has been a long time since I have had a great day like this.