I am so over the moon after yesterday’s appointments! I still can’t believe how incredible it was to see our baby waving at us and moving all over. It is amazing how much detail an ultrasound can give. At one point I saw baby’s mouth opening and closing, like he/she was trying to talk to us šŸ™‚ The baby was even trying to suck its hand!

I feel so incredibly blessed and grateful for this miracle. It has been a nerve-wrecking road so far, but I am starting to feel relief. I know with the continued support and prayers from our families, we will be okay.

Other than this incredible high I feel, I am doing just fine. Still fighting a bit of nausea, but it is manageable. I will be into my second trimester soon, so I should start feeling even better. I haven’t been super tired, but I have had some trouble sleeping. Maybe this next trip to San Diego will help me get that last bit of relaxation before tackling the next hurdle of pregnancy…gaining a big belly!