As Jacob grows up, it is so much fun watching him learn new things. He has been talking for a while now. Most of what he says, we understand what he means. He is saying words — that kind of sound like the words that he means — or close enough to them. He has been doing this for a while now. Of course there is “Ma ma” and “Da da” there. And there is only one full word that he says regularly … which is actually in spanish. Go figure. Anyways, here is a list of the vocabulary of Jacob.

Ma Ma – Mommy.

Da Da – Daddy. Also said for anything he is not sure what to call it.

Moo – This can mean either moon or milk. He uses it for both.

Bah – Ball, bye, and … wait for it … grandpa. Grandpa Gonzales that is.

Tah – Stars. Said with a whisper.

TAAAAH РToes. Said louder and with more excitement.

Ta Ta – Turtle. Usually said while staring outside the window looking for our pet Tortoise, Chalupa.

Uh Ooooh – Means exactly what it sounds like.

Nyuh Nyuh – Dillon. His big cousin.

Wah Wah – Water. However, he has started saying “agua” as well.

Daaah – Done.

Nah Nah – Banana.

Also want to note that when we say any of the following, he points to the correct body part: Nose, mouth, head, ears, eyes, toes, belly button

He also knows sign language for “more.” Usually referring to food.

We love watching him learn new things and new words/sounds. Also, he got his second haircut this week since it has been so hot and he has been a little sick. We figured this was a good time for it since it would help cool him off.