No doubt about it, Jacob is a growing toddler. He may be short and still fitting in 12 (and some 9) month clothes, but he is growing, developing and changing every day. It amazes me at how smart he is. He tries to do so many things that I thought were too advanced for him. He loves feeding himself with a spoon (or spork), and manages to get most of it in his mouth. He likes helping me pull on or off his shirt during changes. He knows that Chalupa lives outside and he is always looking for her so he can feed her a flower. He loves putting his crayons back in the box. Yesterday he was swiping through pictures in my phone. And now we are getting word that the daycare wants to move him up to the bigger toddler room.

His personality is changing too. He knows what mommy and daddy can do to make him laugh and tries to get us to do it (particularly my alien face hugger impression). He gets upset when he doesn’t get his way. He looks concerned when another kid or baby is crying.

Jacob is growing so much that I have to stop every so often and appreciate each moment. He may be so much bigger tomorrow. And our love for him will grow to match.