Yeah. Our baby will be representin’. We found out Val was pregnant back in January. It was a week before our trip to San Francisco to watch the 49ers and Saints play in the second round of the playoffs. Right when we landed (the day before the game), I was insistent that we immediately go to The Shops at Tanforan‎ in San Bruno to look for baby 49ers clothes. The two sets to the left, which include three 49ers onesies, two 49ers beanies, a 49ers bib and booties, came from there. The little jacket and sweat pants came from Target in San Lorenzo. They are adorable.

When walking back to our car from The Shops at Tanforan with the baby clothes in hand, it finally really hit me for the first time how real it was. That was my first truly emotional moment. The second was seeing and hearing my baby’s heartbeat last week.

For our Bay Area friends who eventually see this, yes, we already knew Val was pregnant at this game. That is why she did not drink at the tailgate (anyone notice that?). The words on the fan towel I am holding seemed very appropriate.