At 9weeks, 3days, it is easy to imagine that I am pregnant. Day after day of feeling queasy and pants not fitting quite the same are my biggest clues. However, it seemed just like an imaginary thing. Something I know to be true, but still find hard to believe.

That is, until today. David and I saw our little gummy bear this afternoon, and it was pretty incredible! With one wave of her magic wand, the ultrasound tech showed me a new life. One with a strong, real, heartbeat. That little flutter and quick lub-dub made me realize exactly what was going on here.

There is a person growing inside me!! It is so crazy! Whoever he or she is, this baby is loved so much! Even though seeing the baby didn’t magically cure my nausea, or erase my tiredness, I have a bit more resolve that I can get through it all just for that tiny fluttering heart.