I know it does not look like much right now and that it kind of looks like a strange gummy bear, but this is our baby. First we saw the outline and then we saw a fast little flutter, which the technician identified as the heart. Then she let us hear the heartbeat. It was amazing. I must admit, I started to tear up a bit. Of course, it is entirely possible that something may have been in my eyes, right?

I wanted to ask Valerie, “How are you doing this?! You are like magic! You can create people!”¬†It was the first visual proof we had that our baby was in there. When I first saw the little gummy bear, it all kind of hit me how real this really was. It was joyous, inspiring, overwhelming, and even a little scary all wrapped into one incredible moment that will live with me forever.

What a great and emotional one-year anniversary we had today. This picture was a great gift. And the photo was on paper! That’s the traditional one-year gift, right?