Today marks my 38th week of pregnancy. As long as that sounds, it feels like it has gone by so fast! I guess that is because I know there is only one more milestone to get through, so days of pregnancy updates are limited. Now it is all about the tiny human who is about to come in to the world.

I feel incredibly lucky to not be one of those miserable pregnant ladies who is trying to do all she can to get labor started. I have had so much energy and can still get around pretty easily. I hope that means baby wants to stick around with me a little longer cause I have been providing a good home. Maybe things will change in the next 14 days until my due date, but for now I will continue to feel grateful.

I think we are as ready as we are going to be for our little man to come home. I am so looking forward to just seeing his face! I know we could have done the 3D ultrasound thing, but since we already found out he’s a boy we might as well have SOME sense of surprise. Will he have my nose and David’s eyes? Will he have a full head of hair? Will he be a quiet baby or keep us up all day and night? So much to learn about this baby, it will be so exciting to get to know him.