So I will probably be a new fruit next week, but baby is now the size of a large cantaloupe. He should be about 15-19 inches long and a little over 5lbs. Wow, he’s getting big!! At the last doctor’s appointment, the nurse practitioner said my belly is growing right on track. Lets hope baby stays a reasonable size!

Tonight I went to my first breast feeding class. I really enjoyed the teacher and learned so much already. I feel it was way more useful than the newborn baby care and childbirth classes. It also left me feeling a bit more empowered and not as nervous about not getting it right away.

The next few weeks are going to be incredibly busy at home and at work. We are meeting different pediatricians to see who would be the best doctor for our baby. We have different items to purchase. We are also trying to fit in some fun time while we still can. Add to that all the other things going on in our lives and I will be one pooped pregnant lady soon enough. But I still feel like I can keep it up.

I picked up all my maternity leave paperwork from my work’s human resources. I am looking forward to (hopefully) having at least a week or two before my due date to transition into a different state of mind. I just hope baby doesn’t want to come too early!! I know it is possible, but I just want him to have plenty of time to finish cooking. I want to enjoy these last weeks of pregnancy (despite the discomfort) and be ready to welcome him to his happy home.