Y’know, I have heard a lot of stories prior to Valerie getting pregnant. 3 AM cravings. Hormonal arguments or breakdowns. All kinda of wackiness. Ok, I know Valerie is not done yet, but at almost 35 weeks, she almost is. I must say, Valerie has been an absolute delight during this pregnancy. My mind was prepared for the worst. From a guy’s perspective, I don’t have one complaint about this pregnancy. If anything, it has probably brought us closer together.

I credit a lot of this to Valerie’s strength. She is one of the strongest, most mentally sound individuals that I know. She is just as organized and prepared for things as she ever was. Her husband on the other hand … well … we won’t talk about him here.

Valerie is going to make an excellent mother. I know this for a fact. Her kindness and love are so strong that Baby B will know he is part of a happy home. Myself? Well, I’ll just try not to be the weak link in all of this. I’m sure I will be a fine father, but compared to Valerie, I have a lot to live up to. She is just amazing.