It feels like we have turned the last corner and the finish line is in sight. We could not be more excited. Baby B was even kind enough to wait until after the NFL Draft, which is my busiest time of the year. So I owe him one for that.

As usual, Valerie has been amazing. She really is an amazing woman. I mean, think about it. First off, she can put up with me. She deserves an award for that alone. Add to that the fact that she is growing my child in her and lugging him around everywhere she goes, and I can’t help but appreciate her so much.

Right now, she is cooking me a pecan pie, which is my favorite, for my birthday dinner with her family tonight. By the way, you either like pecan pie or you are wrong. Anyways, she did not have to do that, especially at this stage in her pregnancy, but she wanted to. Last night, she ventured out to a birthday dinner with friends which Baby B’s uncle Kevin organized. I’d like to say that we are so blessed to both have such amazing friends. Her friends and mine. The night before, she took me out to the movies. She said that she still feels good and does not feel uncomfortable like many woman say when they are as pregnant as her, but I would not blame her for just saying, “I just want to stay home and lay on the couch.” Not her. She is a strong woman.

Just like we learned in church today, whatever the master plan is, we are right on schedule.