Jacob is now three weeks old and growing every day. I am amazed by how he is slowly changing. His face looks fuller and he is definitely getting heavier. He looks more like his daddy now, and I struggle to see what features of mine he has. I think we determined he has part of my nose.

Life is slowly settling into a routine. Most of what we do centers around when Jacob needs to eat or when we think he will be asleep. I try to get at least one nap in each day, but it isn’t always easy. He sometimes had a hard time staying asleep, but we are learning what works. Last night he had a long three and a half (almost 4) hour stretch of sleep! I actually woke up before he did to feed him.

It was hard sometimes the first few weeks, but I love my new life and routine. He is asleep in my arms and all is right with the world šŸ™‚