Leaving church this afternoon, pastor Gary pulled us aside to ask us how the pregnancy was going. That was funny because his sermon today actually made a comparison to pregnancy. He asked us when the due date was and we said the 12th — so basically — any day now.

Then he asked if he could pray for the baby. I had been thinking about emailing him and asking him to say a prayer for our child, so of course we said yes. He led us in a very nice prayer asking for a healthy baby and a smooth pregnancy.

A big portion of today’s church message was about doubt in God. Everyone has doubt at some point due to life’s little curveballs thrown at you. Valerie and I have had our own encounter with doubt. However, I think that we have rebounded and come back stronger than ever.

So as Baby B’s debut quickly approaches, it was so nice to have our pastor pray for him and us. It really meant a lot to us. He even asked for us to keep him in the loop, which also meant a lot. We can’t wait to introduce him to family, friends, and to our church.

I keep thinking about our baby and how lucky he is. Not because he will have us as parents — I honestly am not sure that I will have any idea what I am doing — but because he will already be more well off than so many others. Times are tough for so many people. Our prayers are always with those that are struggling, but at the same time, Valerie and I are very thankful for what we have. Our child will have professionals helping his parents through his birth. He will ride home in a perfectly functioning new car. He will have a brand new bed and room to sleep in. He will not know starvation. He will have clothes. Hopefully, he will never know what it is like to be homeless. And most importantly — he will always have a family who loves him and will do anything for him.

We will make sure to show him how lucky he is and, when he is a bit older, we will teach him to help those around him who may not be so lucky.