… when your mom first told me about you. I was playing with Chalupa outside and she surprised me with the news. It was proof that sometimes wishes do come true.

… the first time I heard your heartbeat. At first, I took the doctor’s word for it because I did not know what I was hearing. However, I soon figured out which sound was you.

… praying for you and your mom every night. You two mean the world to me.

… the first time I saw you. There you were on a screen in black and white. I never wanted to protect something so small more than that moment.

… finding out you were a boy but just being happy that you were healthy.

… the discussions about your name and narrowing the choices down to a few. Then we decided it would be a game time decision and we would wait to see which name fit you best.

… telling both of your grandparents about you. They were so happy that you were joining our family.

… the first time I felt you. I was on vacation with your mom in Pismo Beach and listening to her tummy. You kicked me in the ear.

… how happy your mom was to see you during your second ultrasound. To see you moving around filled our hearts with joy.

… seeing you move for the first time while looking at your mom’s tummy. It was so surreal and I am pretty sure it was a foot or an elbow.

… your mom working so hard to make sure she was healthy while carrying you. She is one of the strongest women I know.

… getting your nursery ready for your arrival. I had no idea that something so little could need so much.

No matter what, you will be loved. We can’t wait to show you how much.