Today marks Jacobs second week in the outside world. It is hard to believe that it has been two weeks since he was born. It really does not feel that long. He is growing fast. He already feels a little heavier and he certainly looks a little bigger than his first day with us. Time is flying by so fast.

Gone are the days when Valerie and I could simply make last minute plans and head to dinner or go to a movie. Things take five times longer now. A simple thing like going to the grocery store with Jacob in tow takes much more time than it used to. However, it is all worth it. Jacob’s little face is the first thing that I want to go see in the morning after I wake up. He is worth every sleepless night. He is worth every ear piercing cry. He is worth every poopy diaper change. He is worth everything to us. He is one of the best things to ever happen to us.

It is still hard to believe that he is ours. I don’t think it has really hit us yet. It’s not like he is visiting us. He is ours for the rest of our lives. That just blows my mind. He is our son.

We are learning as we go. Daddy is taking a little longer to learn than mommy. We make mistakes and try to help each other through them. After all, he is our little miracle. He is our little blessing. I can’t even figure out how we used to get along without him.