I was just looking at my countdown and I have 97 days until my due date!! Where did time go? There is still lots to do (or start doing) but I am sure Baby B will give me enough time to get it all done.

Next week I will start my third trimester, which is supposed to be the hardest part. I can already tell where I may find some difficulties. While I can still get around okay with only slight waddling, I can feel the sides of my back start to get sore by the late afternoon. Some of my shoes don’t really fit anymore. I have begun to experience heartburn. Well… At least I am still able to flip sides in bed!!

The exciting thing is that Baby B is growing and getting much stronger. His kicks are very noticeable and frequent. David has been able to feel him more šŸ™‚ I will soon be ready to let others feel when he is moving too! It is a strange and magical time :).