And to think that we were excited that he was walking up to 12 steps before falling down. We are in some real trouble now! Our little man is more mobile and has learned more about a little thing called balance. It started today. When I arrived to pick him up at daycare this afternoon, his teachers told me that he was walking all over the place today. It was all of a sudden, like he just decided, “You know what? I am going to start walking today.” Then he proceeded to chase me all around the daycare room. He was making turns and everything. It was one of the most amazing and rewarding things that I had every seen. I was so shocked and so happy.

We know that this will make things a lot tougher from now on. Now that he has discovered how to get around better, he will just be looking for trouble. However, it is still a great thing to see.

Watching him walk makes me both happy and sad. Happy that he is growing up and learning. Sad that he is growing up so fast. Love this little guy. After watching his friends at school walk for a while, he is very happy and excited to join them. You can tell from his face as he walks.

Below is a video of Jacob excited to show off his walking ability at grandma and grandpa’s house.