Now that the third trimester is started, I know things are supposed to get a bit harder. However, I am glad I can still tie my own shoes, shave my legs, and sleep relatively comfortably. While I am celebrating these small victories, I have new challenges to face.

I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, which, while I somehow deep down thought would be possible, was still a big shock. My numbers were really high after the test that my doctor immediately referred me to a specialist. So I have been learning how to test my blood sugar 4 times a day (my poor fingers) and will find out today if I may need to add insulin. So far, I have extremely cut down my carbs and eliminated sugars (except a few grams found in some foods). I really hope that by managing my diet I can avoid having to give myself shots. The good news is that this should go away after I have the baby.

Another interesting development is the appearance of my first stretch marks despite my daily moisturizing routine. I am going to have to double my efforts now!

Aside from these challenges, I am excited that time is marching forward. There is about 3 months left, and Baby B is having a great time exploring his snug home. He’s been very active, with lots of kicks, hiccups, and rolling around. I have even seen him make my whole stomach jump from side to side. It is so amazing and a little funny. We have also started working on picking the color and decor for the nursery, and started our registry.

So it is an exciting, interesting time! Lots to do, and lots to look forward to. Can’t wait to meet this little man!