It always breaks your heart to see your child crying. Jacob was overdue for his blood work and needed to have his blood drawn today at his pediatrician’s office. It was done so late because the last time he went in, he was sick and they could not do it.

He sat on my lap and stared out the second floor window at the leaves on a tree outside rustling in the wind. The nurse straightened his arm and got it ready for the needle. He was somewhat curious, but easily distracted by the nature and sunshine outside, not noticing that I was holding his other arm down. Then the needle went in and he could not be bothered with what was going on outside the window. He stared as his blood exited his body. I was so proud that he was not freaking out.

Well, he didn’t freak out but I did notice his head go down. I leaned over to look at him and he was indeed crying. His eyes were closed and tears were forming. His mouth was open as if he were screaming cries, but no sound was coming out. Then moments later, the sounds of cries exited his mouth. However, by then, the nurse was nearly done.

They pulled the needle out, put on a bandage, and then Jacob quickly cuddled up and grabbed onto me and he cried a little more. I offered him a Mum Mum as a treat and he reluctantly took it and then started eating it. After a few seconds eating his tasty treat, he was fine and back to his curious self.

What a brave little guy.