Jacob is fighting something right now, but mommy and daddy are trying to take good care of him. On the positive side, he got a new book today about being a big brother and we read it together. He seemed to like it. Plus, at one point I felt his little sibling moving around a bit, so maybe new baby bean is encouraging big brother to get better soon.
Luckily the nausea is subsiding mostly, and I am starting to gain a little weight. Since I have been trying to be careful with what I eat to avoid gestational diabetes again, I lost a little weight then maintained it for several weeks. Baby is still growing (as is my belly) so I am not worried about it. Feeling the baby’s movements will help encourage me to keep up a reasonable diet.
Time moves slowly when you are anxious to meet a new baby! In about three weeks we will learn our baby’s gender. Hopefully around then we will start doing belly bump pictures, so I can document this pregnancy as well.