Miles turned one month old on Friday and will be 5 weeks old tomorrow. Time is slowly drifting by and the days are mixed between great and hard. On the hard days I am sleep deprived, unsure of when I last fed him or if I remembered to make Jacob a lunch for school. On great days miles sleeps long chunks and I get laundry, dishes and dinner done without any problems. On the best days my mom comes to help and I get a long nap in the middle of the day. I am so grateful to have family nearby to help out when needed. 
Jacob is finally adjusting and starting to stay in his bed at night rather than coming to our room. He gets in a little trouble at school, but I think it is mostly him being a toddler. He loves Miles and asks about him a lot. “Is Miles awake? Is Miles happy? Mommy, get Miles!” He also loves Miles’ toes just like he loves ours. 
I am enjoying my time with my little ones and looking forward to getting cleared by my doctor to start doing more. I will soon be able to lift heavier things (like Jacob!) and exercise to start working off some baby weight. For now I will just enjoy these early days and all the cuddles.