Well, we made it past Christmas and tonight’s full moon! I am grateful that we were able to enjoy the holiday with family and not be in the hospital. Plus, we would feel bad if our little man had to share his birthday with a major holiday. But, he is safely tucked away and seems to be happy  staying with me for a little while longer. 
That being said, I do sense he is getting ready to arrive. Yesterday I noticed my tummy was considerably lower, and I get a lot more Braxton Hicks (fake) contractions. It finally is getting hard to put on my own shoes and sit on the floor with Jacob. I get aches and pains I don’t remember having last time. I finally began nesting this past week and feel in a time crunch to get everything ready. Luckily we are 90% done with the essentials. There are still some things I  want to do. 

-I am still hoping to see Star Wars on the big screen!

-I want to get all the stuff in boxes in our garage sorted and put away (this includes all the bottles I have, ack)

-set up the baby swing and pack and play so Jacob is used to seeing them around. 

-get over this cold that started two days ago (thanks Jacob)

-spend some time with David

-just relax!

It is going to be hard doing all this with only 10 days or so to go, but I know with the help of my hubby and family I can knock a few things off my list. Until then, I get to just practice patience. 

See you soon!