Mellow Miles

Two days ago, while we were visiting Valerie’s coworkers to introduce them to Miles, he laughed for the first time. Unfortunately, it was during a moment when it was just he and I. No one else got to witness it.

Then yesterday, he laughed for the second time. This time, both Valerie and I were there to see it. She was so happy to finally see that little laugh of his.

Like everything else he does, his laugh is uniquely Miles. It’s not really like how I remember Jacob’s first laughs. Jacob would laugh hysterically. Miles kind of laughs and then just smiles at you. It is more subdued but not any less adorable.

Sadly, Miles was running a bit of a fever yesterday. So it was his first time being sick as well. But through it all, he is just as happy as ever and finds time to smile, laugh, and wonder what big brother is up to.

This little two-month old is growing so fast and it brings back great memories watching him go through all of his own firsts.