We have known that Jacob’s been teething for quite a while now, and during our trip it seemed the drool and hands in the mouth increased a lot. He also woke up more often at night, but thought it may be from such a different environment. One day I saw a little bump in his mouth and I have been waiting for something to emerge.

Tonight was the night! At dinner with Grandma and Grandpa Gonzales and family, I finally felt a sharp little hard, poky thing when Jacob put my finger in his mouth! His bottom right tooth has started to poke through! David and I are in shock even though we knew this was happening. I guess we are both a little sad that our little baby is growing so fast. We hate to see him in pain from this process, but know he is going to need us more than ever to comfort him and give lots of love.

I can’t wait for more tooth to poke out so I can show a picture with his toothy grin.